After researching online to see what this blogging lark is all about I discovered thousands. Along with the daily blogs of writers, gamers and socialites their are thousand pages advising on how to blog. Who knew! Well it seems thousands of people did. I came to technology later in life and grew up between books, bicycles and the great out doors. ( usually when my mother had had enough of me sitting in my room with a nose in my book, moody and hormonal) Today though it seems anyone and everyone has a blog. Its the way forward it seems.
So off I go for better or worse with my Blog. A daily update of life, laughter, family, work or no work, writers block and frustrations maybe. Or just an observation or two. But first I think that maybe I should let you know more about me and my writing.
Well lets see, I am no longer a young twenty something, excitingly heading out into the world seeing everything for the first time and enjoying the freedom of study for the first time.
I am older, a mother and have lived a bit. I grew up in a Town on the East coast of Scotland and like most Scots I have a love hate relationship with this land of ours. Love the land / hate the weather! it does provide a lot of inspiration for my work, whether it is the depressed soul suffering from the bleak weather or the colours of the landscape that appear after a week of heavy rain and gales or the lippie attitude of an individual in the park during a morning walk. It can all be an inspiration.
So enough about me for now. The whole point of a Blog is to not bore you readers so I will leave the rest for future blogs..cropped-loch-lommond1.jpg