As a new blogger I have come to realise that to get people interested in my site I will have to advertise my Blog. As a naturally shy person who hides behind the keys of my computer I find it hard to promote myself. Is my work good enough? Does it really matter? These are the questions constantly popping into my head. Well yes I have to get past the self victimisation of the tortured artist and realise that if I have no confidence in what I write, no one else will. And why should they?

So how does the Blogger swallow their Pride and self advertise, its an obstacle that I have to overcome.  sitting at my kitchen table, sipping my coffee and mulling this over in my head along comes the answer in the form of an article on obstacles by Responding to his question is in itself overcoming my first obstacle. Get your name out there. Have people visit your Blog and interact with other bloggers globally. Basically, Get over yourself! I am the first obstacle, I am the wall stopping my work getting out there. So I will get over myself and start self advertising. Thank you Ben Huberman.