Scars are all over me. On my skin, in my head and in my personality. They are me! They built me, strengthened me and broke me from time to time. But each scar I have tells a tale. There is the scar across my abdomen where I went from a selfish girl to a selfless mother.

The scar on my brain reminds me of how easy my mental state can become a never ending spiral of despair, self-loathing and hate.

The scars on my heart from every man who has left their notch then left me broken.

 Each of these scars remind me of places that have made me. Times that have moulded me and warnings of the future if lessons are not learnt. The scars are me and I am the scars. Each has a tale and each gives me a reason to continue fighting to move forward instead of back. Without the scars we have no reminders of our history and they become easily forgotten and repeated.

I love my scars, my scars are roadmap to my future.

Daily Prompt. Scars