It’s the easiest thing in the world to do and some people, like myself are extremely good at it. Here instead of studying and writing up an essay for my uni course I doing it right now. I have a list, more than one actually, of jobs that need done around my home. At the top of each list is the words ‘To Do Today!’, the lists themselves are a procrastination. But I trick myself into believing that I need one to keep me on track.

Yet this morning I worked from a mental list, each job is done except one, my essay.  I distracted myself. I had nearly completed the list and I managed to stop on the very last item. Self sabotage. The end was in my grasp and I put the kettle on and picked up my lap top. Instead of heading straight to my desk and text book.

Why do I do this if it only prolongs the work that will eventually need done? I ask myself over and over? If you had done it when you were supposed to!, If you had followed your list!

Why do we do this to ourselves, when we were young our parents set boundaries, ‘You can go out after you have finished you room!’. You would then go and tidy your room, maybe shoving everything under the bed, bottom of the closet or in which ever hidey hole you had. But you would do the chore and get to relax. Now their are no parents to nag us ( well not on this issue anyway.) We have to find the will power to motivate ourselves. Will power to do the worst chores, I do not enjoy the subject of the essay therefore I avoid it, like a child and try and hide it under my bed until I can no longer put it off. ( the text books are actually under my bed! )

So now I have to face the essay and pull out my text book from under my bed and commence with the chore that has been hidden away for the better part of two days. While I fight of the urge to relocate my desk and water the plants, or simply take out my notepad and write another blog on procrastination!emin-my-bed